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Solar panels

rooftop solar can be overwhelming

Thinking of going solar? Wondering where to start?


From understanding on grid systems, subsidy policy, shadow analysis, cyclone readiness - there is a lot to understand when it comes to harnessing solar power. 


Let us help you with all your questions on adopting rooftop solar. 

Why should I choose rooftop solar?

Rising fuel prices and depleting coal reserves are resulting in high electricity cost. The electricity rates are gradually increasing and running electrical appliances is getting costlier every year. It's a vicious circle, since we utilize more electricity due to advancement in technology and climate changes - which in turn results in depleting natural resources, CO2 emissions and global warming. 


Solar energy is the answer to both these issues - high electricity prices and climate change. 


Energy from the sun is free and is available in abundance. So when we utilize it through solar plant, we actually get it for free. Electricity generated from solar power plant also replaces the coal-based power thus contributing to the global efforts towards a green future.

Renewable electricity is the future and this is the way individuals like us can contribute to creating a better tomorrow for our children. 


How does a rooftop solar plant work?

When you look at harnessing the energy  from the sun, you need an enabler. Rooftop solar pv plant is that apparatus which will absorb the sun rays and convert them into electricity. That electricity generated is available for you to use. For optimized generation, the shadow free space available on the roof is utilized to set up a rooftop solar plant.


The plant consists of solar panels, an invertor, structure, and cables as the main components. These along with several other equipment combine to make a functional solar PV system customized for your needs. 

A rooftop solar plant functions for 25 years with minimum maintenance required. You pay an upfront cost to get it installed, however, the payback is usually 4 years post which the electricity generated is free for you.


What is on grid or net metering in rooftop solar?

An on grid solar power plant is directly connected to the grid such as MSEB or Adani or Reliance. The solar power plant will power your home as required but when solar plant is not able to generate electricity during the night , the grid will takeover and keep supplying electricity to appliances. The transition from solar and grid is uninterrupted and unnoticeable.

The next day when the sun rises the power supply will again switch to solar power plant. During day time if you are not using the electric appliances at home, the excess power generated by solar power plant will be sent to the grid.

The electricity bill that you will get after installing the solar power plant will be a based on the readings from a ‘Net meter’. The net meter adds the power taken from the grid and subtracts the power sent to the grid. You will be billed only on ‘net’ consumption. This system is called ‘Net metering’. It's a highly efficient system that helps you optimize your rooftop solar plant. 


How does subsidy for rooftop solar work?

The solar power plant is subsidised by the central govt. Once the solar power plant is installed, an application can be made to claim the subsidy for the solar power plant and the concerned agency will transfer the subsidy amount to the customer as per their benchmark costs. Point to note, the subsidy policy defers from state to state and it's important to inquire about the latest policy applicable to your location. Sometimes the subsidy is only available up to a certain capacity plants. In a few cases, subsidy is only available for residential customers. Since there are a lot of clauses and conditions, it's best to have a thorough discussion with your rooftop solar provider on this. 


What happens on rainy or cloudy days? Will rains or clouds  impact the generation of a solar PV plant?

On rainy/cloudy days the solar power plant will run at around 20-30% capacity as the amount of sunlight is very limited. However, the plant compensates for rainy days on bright days. We calculate the annual output for the plant keeping that in mind. You won't feel the loss during rainy/cloudy days since there will be days when your solar PV plant will export more than required power to the grid. Your annual net generation will therefore not take a hit. Avishakti Solar uses a proprietary sunlight and generation database to evaluate the output needed and designs your solar PV plant accordingly. 


The technology is always advancing. Once installed, rooftop solar pv plant is set for 25 years of operations. Should I wait for better technology so that I get a better deal later? 

The solar cell technology is a continuously evolving picture and a lot of research is going on to increase solar panel efficiency. Currently a solar panel comes with a life span of 25 years with 10-15 years of warranty.

It is important that the solar power plant is designed in a way which ensures returns on investments in minimum possible time and best possible generation from the solar power plant. Thus future changes in solar cell technology won't result in any regrets on missing out.


How much maintenance does a rooftop solar plant need?

A rooftop solar pv plant requires minimal maintenance and is good to operate for 25 years, once installed. The maintenance of the solar power plant consists of cleaning the solar panels and monitoring the generation. The panels are required to be cleaned once a week so that it received maximum amount of sunlight for generation.


Is it expensive to install rooftop solar panels? How much does it cost?

The cost of the solar power plants is getting cheaper and cheaper as the market grows. As the cost of electricity and fuel keeps rising, solar power plant is fast becoming a more feasible and soon it will be a necessity. As soon as the solar power plant starts running, it starts paying back for itself and a well designed solar power plant will ensure that you will have free power in minimum possible time. Since it's a highly customized solution, there is no 1 size fits all formula for rooftop solar plant. In fact, if you get a generic quote for your requirement, most likely there would be no specific research done on your inquiry. 

Starting your solar journey?
Here's a quick check list for the 5 points you need to know before going solar.  

Solar Panels

Making the world a better place. One rooftop at a time.

5 Things You Need To Know Befor You Go Solar
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