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About Avishakti Solar

Making the world a better place, one rooftop at a time.

We're Mumbai's leading solar EPC installation experts with more than 1 Megawatt of installed solar capacity. We're the experts of solar panel installations in residential, commercial, and institutional space. 


Our story

Animesh Manek, founder and MD, Avishakti Solar started the company back in 2016 with a dream to empower our countrymen with solar energy that runs on sunlight which is not only free, but also abundantly available. The idea was to have freedom from the huge electricity bills and also enable a better tomorrow that's sustainable. After 5 years, today Avishakti Solar is one of the leading rooftop solar solutions provider in Mumbai, operational across India.


Our team comprises operations, design, and engineering experts that drive the projects with impeccable quality and finesse. We are a bunch of highly skilled, passionate professionals pursuing excellence at every level of our work. Instead of making solar a “business” or a means to an end, we live and breathe rooftop solar technology ensuring only the highest quality output every time.

We are proud enablers of customized solutions for our clients and our projects, powered by the best of engineering and equipment, showcase excellent performance. As a known industry leader, we’re used to working with all types of customers - residential, industrial, institutional, big or small. Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company, and is the driving force behind all decisions; whether it’s which materials to use or the best way to serve our customers. We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.


We have been the front runners in creating awareness about tapping into the power of the sun from one’s rooftop. Our projects have been featured in the media to highlight the benefits of adopting solar power by residential societies as well as spiritual institutions.

We understand how this technology can be overwhelming to deal with - given the lack of information and guidance out there for all to understand. You can trust a team of highly qualified and experienced industry experts to give you the best of advice.

For anything that you need to know about taking that smart step - give us a call today.

Our services

Construction site

We are known for tailor made rooftop solar installations, best suited for your requirement.


We conduct detailed site surveys and study your electricity bill to understand the capacity of rooftop solar plant required.


This helps us in building an optimized solar PV plant that gives you maximum generation and savings possible.


We will never sell you a higher capacity plant if you don't need it. You only pay for what's best for you and is a long term, stable solution for your needs.

Engineering Sketch

In the next step, our design engineers get to work - helping you with a detailed design for the PV plant that shows the solar panel layouts and the configurations.


We use 3D modelling and shadow analysis to design the solar plant that's customized for your rooftop, basis space availability and your energy consumption data.


Our rooftop solar plants are also signed off by structural engineers, ensuring safety and stability for 25 years.

Solar Panel Installation

Once we finalize the design and components, we initiate the installation of the rooftop solar plant.

Once the solar panels are installed, we connect the system to your meter.


The next step is Net Metering application & enablement and finally, commissioning of the system  when it starts generating electricity.


Our solar PV systems  across Mumbai have been performing above the average industry standards, giving stellar annual yield performance. 

Solar Panel Installation

We also provide annual maintenance services for free for 1 year since the date of commissioning.


This helps you get acquainted with the basic maintenance as well as operations of your rooftop solar plant. 

After a year these services are available on a contract basis. That being said, we're always a phone call away for anything you need. 

Our solar plants are available for remote monitoring where you can access its generation data through mobile or desktop. 

Our Services

Get in touch

Registered Address:
207, Building 33,
Masjid Bunder West,
Mumbai, 400003
Branch Address:
403, Omega Business Park, Rd no 33, 
Waghle Estate, Thane West, 400604
+91 81698 22469
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