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Society in Ghatkopar goes solar, saves 2 lakhs annually

Saturday, July 07, 2018 – ArihantDarshan CHS, situated in Ghatkopar East has successfully installed a rooftop solar system to save on electricity bills. The 11.05 kWp rooftop PV system at the residential society will cover approximately 80% of the society’s electricity requirements. The 8 floors building will use solar power to light up the common areas like staircase and elevator.

The solar plant installed at Arihant Darshan CHS used 34 PV modules and will use up 1500 sq ft. area on the roof. It will generate approximately 15,000 units (kWh)annually. The net metering enabled system has been designed basis the shadow analysis. The system will last 25 years.

“Adopting rooftop solar technology isn’t easy to get convinced about. The initial cost is high and there are several factors that are taken into consideration while designing the rooftop PV plant. We must keep in mind the shadow analysis,sanctioned load, available roof space, and annual electricity consumption to design a customized solar solution for the customer.” said Animesh Manek,Founder & Director, Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd.

The residents of the society agree that the technology can be quite intriguing to understand initially. It seems difficult to see the electricity bills will be reduced simply by harnessing the power of the sun, that too from the available space on the rooftop. The general understanding still revolves around the concept is that the solar system will be battery operated. However, that’s not the case.  

“The detailed project proposal explained to us by Avishakti Rooftop Solar team gave us an idea about how the rooftop PV system results in savings that are made possible by the net metering policy—which was quite interesting to know about.Given that it’s not a battery based system, it is not prone to the maintenance or replacement problems”, added Mr. Ramesh Patel, Secretary

As per the net metering policy, the system is installed ‘on grid’ which means the generated electricity is utilized and the extra power is sent back to the electricity grid like that of Reliance, Tata Power, MSEDCL, and BEST. Similarly, any additional electricity required is taken from the grid. At the end, you pay for the ‘net usage’. This functionality has made rooftop solar adoption easier as the additional expenses of batteries—their maintenance and their life, is no more a concern. Your initial costs get recovered within the first few years and after that, the electricity generated is practically free of cost for the end customer for 25 years. Not only this, this project will also be receiving a government subsidy that will further bring the project cost down.

There’s a lot more to adopting rooftop solar technology than just savings. The environmental impact of going solar is huge and is fast becoming one of the criteria for customers to opt for solar energy. “The rooftop solar system comes with its perks in terms of savings on electricity bills. However, the fact that it helps in reducing the carbon footprint is something that is truly motivating as a cause”, said the society Chairman Mr. Nemish Shah.

“The society members were thrilled to be contributing to a good cause by going solar. Solar power is free and a clean form of energy which means there are no environmental impact when you opt for it. The rooftop solar system installed at Arihant Darshan CHS will result in saving CO2 emissions equivalent to 13.5 tonnes in a year.” added Animesh.

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