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  1. Application for installing solar system:
    • Download the application form from the concerned distribution website.
    • Fill and submit the application along with documents at the concerned distribution office or pay the fee online.
    • Documents needed to be submitted along with application are as follows:
      • Technical specification: Technical details of the components that are going to be used in rooftop solar PV system.
      • Single line diagram: Single line diagram of solar PV system set up.
      • Electricity bill: Latest electricity bill.
      • Paid receipt: Paid receipt of application registration fee.
  2. Submission of application:
    • After submission of application the distribution licensee shall register the application and acknowledge its receipt within 3 working days.
  3. Site Feasibility Test:
    • The distribution licensee shall conduct a technical feasibility study within 15 working days from the date of registration of the application considering the following aspects:
      • AC voltage level at which connectivity is sought.
      • Sanctioned load / contract demand of the Applicant.
      • Rated output AC voltage of the proposed rooftop solar PV system.
      • Available cumulative capacity of relevant distribution transformer.
    • If found technically feasible, the distribution licensee grants its approval for installing the rooftop solar PV system within 7 working days of the completion of the feasibility study.
    • If found technically not feasible, the distribution licensee shall serve the applicant with a notice to rectify within 15 days or a longer period as may be necessary.
  4. Submit Project Completion Report:
    • The Applicant shall, within 6-month period of validity should submit the work completion report, along with relevant details (such as technical details, test reports received from manufacturer/system provider etc.)
  5. Commissioning of solar system:
    • After requesting to distribution licensee for the testing and commissioning of the rooftop solar PV system.
    • The distribution licensee will check for Anti-Islanding (restriction of the flow of electricity from solar panel to grid when there is load shedding or maintenance going on grid side) in your installed Inverter.
    • The distribution licensee shall complete the testing and commissioning of the system within 10 working days from receipt of such request and install the Net Metering equipment and synchronize the rooftop solar system within 10 working days thereafter.


  • In case of Adani Electricity and TATA Power they will provide you with the Net Meter and Solar Generation Meter for no additional cost.
  • MSEDCL and BEST will not provide you the Net meter and Solar Generation meter. Costumer will have to buy these meters and submit to distributor for testing. The distributor will put seal on the meter after testing.
  • The meters will be installed by the distributor after successful commissioning of the solar system.

Source:  MERC Net Metering Regulations, 2015

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