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Rooftop Solar Subsidy: CFA Phase II update

If you’re considering opting for a rooftop solar plant, you might be aware of the central financial assistance scheme commonly known as ‘subsidy’ scheme, that gives you financial benefit for adopting solar power. 

At present, the scheme is available to a wide range of sectors including residential, institutional, educational, and social sectors. However, the central financial assistance (CFA) of rooftop solar program has been restructured in the phase II. In its next phase, the subsidy will now be available only to residential sector. 

In phase II, the rooftop systems of up to 3 kW will get 40% subsidy. For the rooftop systems beyond 3 kW and up to 10 kW will receive 20% of subsidy, down from 30% which is available in the present scheme. 

If you’re installing the rooftop solar plant for supply of power to common facilities of a housing society or a residential welfare association, you will be availing 20% subsidy with  the maximum capacity eligible for the assistance being 500 kW.

You can download the PDF from the link below and share the information within your network.  

You can also get more details from MERCOM India here: https://mercomindia.com/financial-support-worth-n118-billion-rooftop-solar/